This is what my clients have to say about me:

Megan C. (Buyer 2021)

Sally is unbelievable. This is our second property purchase with her. Sally is thorough, thoughtful and very responsive. She works round the clock. We will be sharing our wonderful experience with our friends and family.

Ron M. (Buyer 2020)

It’s been a pleasure working with Sally Matschke, her knowledge of the Toronto real estate market is extensive. We found her to be highly responsive and thorough with tremendous attention to detail. She went above and beyond in assisting us with all aspects of the search and purchase of our new home. We would not hesitate to use her again or to recommend her to our family and friends.

Deborah F. (Seller 2019, Buyer 2016)

Sally was extremely efficient and helpful in finding for me a good quality tenant. She went above and beyond her responsibilities as an agent and made a potentially stressful situation of renting out my condo into an easy situation by taking care of all the necessary paperwork and screening through potential tenants. Sally is amazing at her job and I highly recommend her as an agent. This is my second time using Sally’s services, the first when buying my first home. Sally also did an amazing job when purchasing my first property. Thank you so much, Sally.

Ilan S. (Seller & Buyer 2019)

We are so grateful to have had Sally’s expertise in guiding us through our home purchase and sale.  She has been exceptionally helpful and accommodating and has done an amazing job for us.

Lindsey C. (Buyer 2018)

Sally is so personable and honest. She tells it like it is and I really appreciated that. She wants to put you in a home or condo that you are going to love for years to come, and that came across throughout my entire search process with her. I highly recommend her.

Walter L. (Seller & Buyer 2018)

Sally assisted in every aspect of preparing for the sale, including her contacts for painters, movers and repair contractors.
I would rate her 5 out of 5 in every aspect.

Hossein S. (Seller 2018)

Ms. Matschke is the best real estate agent I have met. She is exceptional in all aspects of her work. Her prepared spreadsheets helped me in the decision making process. She is professional, experienced, and driven. The world would be a much better place if everyone would do their work with the same level of commitment as Ms. Matschke does hers.

Christine L. (Seller 2018)

I have bought and sold a lot of homes in the GTA and can say without a doubt, that Sally has been the absolute best. She went above and beyond to help us prepare for the sale, always responded in a timely manner, was personable and extremely passionate about what she does. I would joyfully recommend Sally to anyone as the best there is. It doesn’t get any better than the experience we had with Sally.

Ian H. (Buyer 2018)

Sally is awesome and never misses a beat.  She’s aggressive, assertive, and goes above and beyond to get the deal done.  She understood our needs, helped us through the entire buying process and communicated with us throughout the entire process.  We are so happy we used her services.

Deborah A. (Seller 2017)

Sally not only did an excellent job as a real estate agent in selling our condo, but also did an exceptional job as a stager in helping us prepare for the sale.  This was an added bonus that I know helped us sell our home.

Rhonda C. (Seller 2016)

Sally goes beyond what i have ever seen before.  She is so positive and professional and I could not have gotten the price for my house if it weren’t for her.  I would recommend her to anyone who is buying or selling.

Daniel Y. (Buyer 2016)

Sally really understood my needs and helped me through the buying process.  She was great at informing me during the sales process.  I would rate her performance as a 5 out of 5.

Braeden C. (Buyer 2016)

Sally provided the best service I have had as of yet.  Her availability and transparency during this process was extremely helpful and she was an absolute pleasure to work with.

Sean M. (Buyer 2015)

Sally did an excellent job in qualifying us, that is why we chose her.  She took her time to explain the process as this was our first purchase of a home.  Sally was very honest and professional during the entire process.

Robin W. (Buyer 2015)

Sally’s attention to detail, patience and honesty were key components I experienced and was most appreciative of, while searching for a condo.  I always felt that Sally had nothing but my best interests in mind, and that she went above an beyond for me without asking.  This was the first time I was purchasing a property on my own and I was really taking my time to find the right place.  Sally never made me feel like I was wasting her time and patiently held my hand through the entire process.  Simply a wonderful agent!!

Tarah J. (Seller & Buyer 2015)

Sally is a wonderful professional.  I have commented to others how impressed we were working with her.  Her follow-up after the fact just further reflects that!  We love our new place.  So happy we made the decision and even happier that a year later our decision is supported in the numbers too.